School Uniforms

School starts tomorrow, so today the podcast is all about school uniforms.

This is the seifuku and the gakuran, which are the standard school uniforms in Japan. We’ve seen these in anime, too.

Seifuku Gakuran

Here are some examples of the “old-school” (so to speak) gakuran with the school cap:










From Up On Poppy Hill

From Up On Poppy Hill








'ello Gov'na

‘ello Gov’na








School uniforms appear in anime to define characters…

Can't wait to wear my summer uniform.

Can’t wait to wear my summer uniform.









…or as a basis for their designs.

Say your prayers, sailor brats.

Say your prayers, sailor brats.










Sometimes characters express their individuality through modifying their uniforms. “Cool and spicy” Amu is the only person in her class to rock those giant socks. The girls of K-ON! all wear the same uniform as each other, but they shorten their skirts as a symbol of youth and freedom.


















(and notice how they’re still different from one another in terms of their hairstyles, socks, and shoes).


Sometimes anime uniforms don’t make much sense, but they still look damn cool.











Vampire Knight

Basic Cosplay Makeup

Do you like to cosplay but have no idea how to draw on your face? Me too! Except, I learned a little bit about the “drawing on the face” part. This episode is about the most basic of cosplay makeup. I explain it all for the absolute beginner who wants to wear makeup while cosplaying a character who doesn’t wear makeup.

(Hey, would this be a good place to show step-by-step pictures?)

It would be! But I’m not drawing on my face in front of the world at this point. Here’s my podcast where I talk about stupid cameras, squishy potato face, and how to make yourself look good in pictures.

Nico Nico Douga

The Atomic Lollipop 2014 Report

Here are my impressions from my first Atomic Lollipop – the Good, the Bad, and the Luminescent.Atomic-Lollipop-Logo-ad

Dancing, K-pop, voice acting, YTV nostalgia, dancing, Nerf blasters, dancing, and getting lost in the Science Centre.  And did I mention dancing?

Just as a warning: about two thirds of the way in, I go on a rant about sex in modern culture, so if you’re squickish about the topic, don’t listen to that part. Ah, random tangent rants.

Comfortable Cosplay

Please excuse the background noise.

Today I talk about how to make your cosplays more comfortable. Most of this info comes from personal experience with trial and error. What are some important factors when choosing which character to cosplay? How do you stay cool and fresh on a hot day? How do you get from point A to point B on the day of the convention? Click the download button for the answers to hear me stumble through my n00b answers amidst the background noise.

This podcast isn’t about high fashion (or even high quality) – it’s about freeing yourself from the tyranny of overheating wigs and itchy fabrics. It is the Hakuna Matata of cosplaying. YMMV.

Oh, and for some reason I remembered Ash’s T-shirt as white. It’s black.

The Con G 2014 Con Report

And now, time for a very rambly podcast with Debs and Errol about Con G.


This was the last-ever year of the convention, which had become a staple event for otaku in the area of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. (And I really wish I had gone while I had the chance!)

In this episode of the podcast, we talk about Totoro, Sherlock, Frozen, and…um…Con G? I told you it rambled.

Cumberdink Bandersnatch.  I don't trust this guy.

Cumberdink Bandersnatch. I don’t trust this guy.



For more Debs and Errol goodness, click here to get their latest album of geek music. You know you want to.

I wish... Totoro was my neighbour.

I wish… Totoro was my neighbour.

Respectful Hetalia Cosplay

Today we’ve got an extra-long podcast loaded with interesting stories about cosplay, the Hetalia fandom, and everything else.

Draw a circle, it's the Earth...

Draw a circle, it’s the Earth…

Being on your best behavior is always important, but it’s especially important when cosplaying in a fandom like Hetalia, when the series is, well, basically playing around with stereotypes. In today’s podcast, Crys, SJ, and I discuss the good, the bad, and the “what, seriously?” of Hetalia cosplay. We also talk about how Hetalia cosplay can be used for a good cause.

Due to current political concerns, Russia has traded in his plain scarf for a rainbow one to show support for ALL his friends.

Due to current political concerns, Russia has traded in his plain scarf for a rainbow one to show support for ALL his friends.

And finally, I meant to include the post about the Denmark cosplayer’s terrible experience at a photoshoot, but she has since deleted that post.