Hetalia – Busby’s Podcast

I call this Busby’s Podcast because it was CURSED! It took Crys, SJ, and me the better part of a year to schedule recording it. A year! That’s like… almost 10% of a decade!


Finally, we got it done! (and it’s an hour and a half long, so you get your money’s worth).

One of the most awesome things about the Hetalia fandom is how people use the series to educate one another (yes, really). Here are some wonderful fan-made comics about the histories of…
Mexico’s role in the Spanish Civil War
The Exploration Age (particularly Spain)
The Hungarian Revolution
The Thirty Years War
America’s response to Pearl Harbor

Here are the starts of the doujinshi, 1914 and 1939.

And, you know, lots of others. Loooootta good fan comics out there.

Ooh la la!

Ooh la la!

As was mentioned on the podcast, here is Himaruya’s apology to his fans for the late updates.






I was right that there is a cannonball embedded in a tree near the Plains of Abraham. I was wrong that that’s in Ottawa. It’s in Quebec City.




Crys, SJ, and I highly recommend the following Hetalia fan artists and fanfic writers:

Lady Beemer
Talkjive (NOT “jiveturkey”)

Here’s a song!

Marukaite chikyuu, APH

Marukaite chikyuu,

Marukaite chikyuu,

Boku Hetalia!

Respectful Hetalia Cosplay

Today we’ve got an extra-long podcast loaded with interesting stories about cosplay, the Hetalia fandom, and everything else.

Draw a circle, it's the Earth...

Draw a circle, it’s the Earth…

Being on your best behavior is always important, but it’s especially important when cosplaying in a fandom like Hetalia, when the series is, well, basically playing around with stereotypes. In today’s podcast, Crys, SJ, and I discuss the good, the bad, and the “what, seriously?” of Hetalia cosplay. We also talk about how Hetalia cosplay can be used for a good cause.

Due to current political concerns, Russia has traded in his plain scarf for a rainbow one to show support for ALL his friends.

Due to current political concerns, Russia has traded in his plain scarf for a rainbow one to show support for ALL his friends.

And finally, I meant to include the post about the Denmark cosplayer’s terrible experience at a photoshoot, but she has since deleted that post.

Anime Icons

It’s another solo podcast this week. Today I talk about Anime Icons, or images from anime that refer to anime properties but also carry meaning all on their own. Click download and have a listen.

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty brings you peace, love, and more Hello Kitty!

Domo is just Domo, but that could mean anything.

Some fandoms grow from an original text (say, a comic book) and are represented with imagery. Other fandoms started with the imagery and grow a world from there. Both are cool!
batman-logo-big VERSUS Airship

Maybe there are amigurumi crafters who have never read “Call of Cthulhu,” but that doesn’t make this little guy any less legit.


My guests today are Rachel and Leeman of Geekually Yoked, a married Christian geek podcast. In a previous episode of their podcast, they coined the phrase “efangelism” and discussed actively recruiting people to a fandom. Today on “Anime, Brains, and Culture,” we explore that idea as applied to otaku culture.

We also explore geekiness, religion, fandom, cliques, tribalism, and bullying. Oh, and Full Metal Alchemist. Give it a listen. 🙂