Hello Kitty and Meaning

Heheheh, in this font, it looks like the title is “Hello Kitty and Meowing.” It’s “Meaning,” and we all know Kitty doesn’t meow because she’s not a cat. Right? Right? This week’s podcast is about Sanrio’s recent comments that Hello Kitty is not actually a cat.

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An awesomely in-depth article from Thinkprogress.org (BTW, Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics” is a must-read for anyone who’s into comics, movies, or basically any kind of visual arts or any culture at all, OMG, go read it right now).

Dammit, Jim!  I'm a cartoon character, not a cat!

Dammit, Jim! I’m a cartoon character, not a cat!

Anime Icons

It’s another solo podcast this week. Today I talk about Anime Icons, or images from anime that refer to anime properties but also carry meaning all on their own. Click download and have a listen.

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty brings you peace, love, and more Hello Kitty!

Domo is just Domo, but that could mean anything.

Some fandoms grow from an original text (say, a comic book) and are represented with imagery. Other fandoms started with the imagery and grow a world from there. Both are cool!
batman-logo-big VERSUS Airship

Maybe there are amigurumi crafters who have never read “Call of Cthulhu,” but that doesn’t make this little guy any less legit.