First appearance: February 24, 2014
Fields of Geekery: Music, Star Wars, BSG, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, & knitting.
Debs and Errol
Debs and Errol on Youtube

First appearance: January 27, 2014
Fields of Geekery: Fanfiction, cosplay, sewing, & Japanese culture and language.

First appearance: September 23, 2013
Fields of Geekery: Music, writing, drawing comics, knitting, & Hayao Miyazaki.
Errol’s Comic
Debs and Errol
Errol on YouTube
Geek Guy Knitting

First appearance: September 2, 2013
Fields of Geekery: Animation, illustration, & Pokémon.
Crafting channel

Rachel and Leeman
First appearance: July 15, 2013
Rachel’s Fields of Geekery: History, religion, books, & TV/movies.
Leeman’s Fields of Geekery: Sci-fi, fantasy, & gaming.
Their podcast, Geekually Yoked
Leeman’s vlog, Ask Lovecraft
Rachel’s blog

First appearance: June 24, 2013
Fields of Geekery: Painting, drawing, & comics.

First appearance: June 17, 2013
Fields of Geekery: Fandom dynamics, culture trade, sacred culture/mythology in media, & paneling at conventions.
Study of Anime

First appearance: June 10, 2013
Fields of Geekery: RPGs, anime, & Japanese language.
Yaruki Zero Games

Team Blasé
(Fe and Gen)
First appearance: May 20, 2013
Fields of geekery: Cosplay, sewing, & paneling at anime conventions.
Team Blasé

First appearance: May 13, 2013
Fields of geekery: British television, writing, classical music & drawing.

First appearance: April 22, 2013
Fields of geekery: Cosplay, anime, manga, & paneling at anime conventions.

First appearance: April 15, 2013
Fields of geekery: Writing, editing, ducks, & blues music.

First appearance: April 1, 2013
Fields of geekery: Anime, tech journalism, & writing novels.
Genji Press
Anime on
Fan To Pro

First appearance: March 25, 2013
Fields of geekery: Western comics, hair metal, & drawing.
Jesus, Satan, and the Emo

Red Parrot
First appearance: March 18, 2013
Fields of geekery: Cosplay, running, & writing.

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